Fire Alarm System Installation Service


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Fire Alarm System Installation Service

Fire Alarm System Installation Service

A “Fire Alarm System” Is Number Of Devices Working Together To Detect And Warn People Through Visual And Audio Appliances When Smoke, Fire, Carbon Monoxide Or Other Emergencies Are Present. These Alarms May Be Activated From Smoke Detectors, And Heat Detectors. They May Also Be Activated Via Manual Fire Alarm Activation Devices Such As Manual Call Points Or Pull Stations.

Universal Enterprises – Mincon – We Are Leading Installation Service Provider, Authorized Distributor, Dealer , Wholesaler, Supplier And Trader Of Fire Detection System / Fire Alarm System In India, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad, Ongole, Chimakurthy.

Their Main Function Is To Quickly Identify A Developing Fire And Alert Building Occupants And Emergency Response Personnel Before Extensive Damage Occurs. Automatic Fire Detection Systems Do This By Using Electronic Sensors To Detect The Smoke, Heat, Or Flames From A Fire And Providing An Early Warning.

Fire Alarm Systems (FAS):

Addressable Fire Alarm Systems (AFAS)

Conventional Fire Alarm Systems (CFAS)

Fire Detection Systems:

Conventional Addressable Intelligent Fire Alarm Panels Workstations. Addressable

Ionization Smoke Detectors, Optical Smoke Detectors, Optical Beam Detectors,

Heat Detectors, Multi- Sensor Detectors, Flame Detectors, Video, LPG Gas Detectors,

H2S Detectors, Manual Call Points, Alarm Bells, Sounders, Water Leak Detection

System, And All Forms Of Passive Fire Protection.

Addressable Fire Alarm System:

Every Device Connected To The Addressable System Has Its Own Unique Address. When A Fire Is Detected, The Device’s Address Shows Up On The Main Control Panel, Telling You Exactly Which Device Has Been Activated. This Will Enable You To Find The Exact Location Of A Fire And Extinguish Them Quickly.

Conventional Fire Alarm System:

With A Conventional System, There Is No Way Of Pinpointing The Exact Location Of The Fire. However, By Wiring Your Building Into Different Zones, You Can Get A General Idea Of Where The Fire Is. For Instance, If You Have Two Floors, You Could Wire The First As ‘Zone 1’ And The Second As Zone 2. So If A Fire Occurs In Zone 1, You Know That The Fire Is Somewhere On The First Floor.


Your Fire Alarm System Has Been Installed To Protect You And Your Building. Everyone Depends On This System Functioning Properly In The Event Of A Fire, Acting As An Early Warning System And Enabling Safe And Timely Evacuation. You Have A Legal Obligation To Ensure That This Detection System Is In Good Working Order And Adheres To Current Regulatory Standards.

Universal Enterprises Will Make Servicing Your Fire Alarm Panel An Effortless Legal Obligation For You. Our Trained Nationwide Engineers Will Carry Out Your Servicing In Accordance With BS5839-1 And Offer You A Cost Effective Way To Ensure Your Sounders Will Activate If Needed, Giving You Peace Of Mind.

Systems Between Five And Ten Years Old May Experience Component Breakdown Caused By Harsh, But Normal, Environmental Factors. Voltage Fluctuations, Temperature, And Humidity May Cause System Failure Or Nuisance Alarm Problems.

Systems Between Ten And Fifteen Years Old Can Still Provide Appropriate Life-Safety Response. However, Systems In This Category Need Close Attention, Even With Proper Maintenance Procedures In Place.


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