Parking Management System Solution Company in India


Parking Management System Solution in India

Universal Enterprises is a leading provider of parking management solutions, specializing in residential, industrial, and commercial applications In India ( Hyderabad And Andhra Pradesh ). Our comprehensive Parking Management System features real-time vehicle counting, parking guidance displays, and automatic ticket dispensers with embedded scanners. Integrated ANPR cameras enhance security, while statistical reports aid in operational management. 

For Valet Parking Management System, Users can pay for their parking charges at central pay stations or at the exit booth, providing a hassle-free and streamlined payment process for parkers. With Universal Enterprises, you can expect a comprehensive parking solution that combines advanced technologies, efficient operations, and convenient payment methods.

Our Smart Automation Solutions Includes: 

  • Parking Guidance & Management System

  • Stack parking management system

  • Valet Parking Management System

  • Multilevel Car Parking / Puzzle Parking Management System

  • License Plate Recognition System / ANPR System 

  • RFID / FASTAG System

For optimal space utilization, we offer advanced Stack Parking Management Systems that stack vehicles vertically, maximizing parking capacity in limited spaces In India ( Hyderabad And Andhra Pradesh ). Our Multilevel Car Parking Management System streamlines parking in multi-level structures, guiding drivers to available spaces using real-time displays and sensors.

Partnering with Universal Enterprises ensures a top-notch car park atmosphere, with cutting-edge technologies optimizing space, enhancing security, and providing hassle-free parking experiences.

Our Smart Parker Solutions includes:

  • Stacked Car Parking System

  • Puzzle Car Parking System

  • Tower Parking System

  • Multilevel Car Parking Management System