Welding Equipment & Spares

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Welding Equipment & Spares

Welding Equipment & Spares

ESAB Welding Equipment & Spares Authorized Dealer in India, Hyderabad & Andhra Pradesh

ESAB Welding Equipment & Spares Authorised Dealers and Suppliers in India ( Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad, Amaravathi, Vizag, Ongole ). Universal Enterprises – We are Leading Authorized Distributor, Dealer , Wholesaler, Supplier and Trader of ESAB Welding Equipment & Spares in India, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad, Amaravathi,Vizag, Ongole.

Single Stage Regulators
Oxygen, Acetylene, CO2, Nitrogen

Double Stage Regulators
Oxygen, Acetylene, CO2

High Pressure & High Flow Regulators
Line Regulators
Specialty Gas Regulators

Cutting Torch & Nozzles, etc.,
Cutogen 5, NM Torch, PSF 415, PSF 515, SAFFIRE 2HP, A Type – Acetylene, Coolex – LPG, ANM – Acetylene, PNM-LPG, Flash back Arrestor, Dura Hose (Blue, Red), Handicool HC200, HFR Welding Cable, Magentic Earth Clamp, Drying Oven, carrying Oven

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