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Universal Enterprises  – We Are Leading Solution Company , Installation Service Provider, Authorized Distributor, Dealer , Wholesaler, Supplier And Trader Of Ravel Fire Alarm System / FAS System / Fire Detection System / Fire Alarm System In India, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad, Ongole, Nellore, Chimakurthy.

Advanced Fire Alarm Panels and System Ravel Fire Alarm
Advanced fire alarm panels are the basic need of any premises – mainly for warehouses and places, where large gathering often takes place and need extra safety standards. Such fire alarm panels become activated by receiving information from devices that is specifically designed to detect and report fires and monitoring their operational reliability. Such panels are helpful in providing with automatic control of equipment along with transmission of information that are required to prepare the facility for fire based on a prearranged sequence.

You can choose fire alarm system for warehouse or get trouble free fire alarm panels with complete user guide and installation support. Ravel Electronics Pvt Ltd is your trusted partner bringing to you something of the best quality and advanced fire alarm panels – that are easy to install to detect smoke through light sensors or when smoke particles pass thru the chamber of the optical detector. In this way, it scatters light and triggers the alarm.

Addressable Fire Alarm Systems with Complete Commissioning Support
Ravel Electronics is a trusted addressable fire alarm panel manufacturer – designing the best range of addressable fire alarm systems – made of using different types of devices and units like panels, detectors and notification devices.

Panels – MonitI-X : an advanced single loop analogue addressable fire alarm panel that come with amazing features like switched mode power supply, modular construction, serviceability, surge protection and battery polarity as well as deep discharge protection. This device has alpha numeric Keypad for user friendly operations, auto learning facility and unique protocol feature for fast alarm response.

In addition, we have different other types of units too that make a complete set of addressable fire alarm systems. These units include:

Manual Activating Devices
Notification Devices
Networking Devices
Software Systems

All these units are fully tested and delivered to ensure they will work smoothly. We follow all the safety standards and pandemic protocol for the duration of packing these units and ensure they will be free from direct touch.

Universal Enterprises – Ravel fire is leading Authorized Distributor, Dealer, supplier and SITC of trouble free fire alarm panel in India. Find advanced fire alarm panels, conventional fire system, fire alarm system for warehouse at low cost. Ravelfire offers reputed products of fire alarm system companies.

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