Basement Parking Safety Solutions For Apartments and Commercial Buildings


Basement Car Parking Lot Safety Solutions in India

Parking Lot Safety Solutions in India

PARKING SAFETY PRODUCTS / Basement Parking Safety Solutions/ PARKING SAFETY EQUIPMENT SOLUTIONS AND INSTALLATION SERVICES IN INDIA ( HYDERABAD , ANDHRA PRADESH ). Universal Enterprises – Universal Mincon has provided basement parking safety solutions to numerous mall basement car parking, apartment complexes, high end office buildings, multi level car parking etc. Our parking safety products will not only act as a deterrent for errant drivers and also as visual warning products.

Universal Enterprises – Universal Mincon is a leading commercial building Basement parking safety product manufacturer and our team can assist you is providing the best products and solutions for your car parking. Parking lots are a significant liability risk for personal injury and automobile property damage. Universal Enterprises – Universal Mincon provides a number of parking lot safety solutions that mitigate these risks. These include car stopper and corner guard.

Our Parking Safety Solutions / Installation Services:

  • Thermoplastic Marking Paint
  • Driveway Arrow Marking
  • Epoxy Car Marking
  • Column Painting
  • Car Slot Numbers
  • Thermoplastic Marking machine
  • Reflective Safety Sign Boards
  • Speed Breakers
  • Pillar Corner Guards
  • Circular Column Guards
  • Car Wheel Stoppers
  • Convex Mirror
  • Spring Post
  • Dock Bumper


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Our Parking Safety Products, Solution And Contractor Service Range:

  • Parking Lot Guidance Sign Boards.
  • Parking Pavement Marker.
  • Thermoplastic Road Parking Line Marking Paint / Car Parking Marking Paint.
  • Speed Breakers / Rubber Speed Breakers / Plastic Speed Breakers / Speed Bumps / Speed Humps/ Road Bumpers.
  •  Rumble Strips / Rubber Rumbler Strips.
  •  Parking Safety Convex Mirror / Traffic Safety Mirror.

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Thermoplastic Road And Parking Lot Reflective Marking Paint: Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint Contractors, Road Marking Painting Service Provider, Manufacturers, Suppliers And Service Provider From Hyderabad To All Over India. Road Marking With Hot Applied Thermoplastic Compound With Reflectorizing Glass Beads On Bituminous.

Thermoplastic Road Parking Marking Paint:

The Offered Paints Are Processed Using Excellent Grade Chemical Compounds And Latest Techniques In Strict Vision Of Our Professionals In Line With The Set Industry Standards. The Quality Range Of Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint, Which Is Formulated Using Finest Chemicals. Also Known As Hot Melt Paints And Traffic Paints.

Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint Is A New Generation Highway Marking System, Preferred The World Over. We Only Use Thermoplastic For Rumble Strips, Since Road Markings In Thermoplastic Are More Durable And Hard-Wearing Than Conventional Road Paint. It Is Long Lasting And Retro Reflective Hot Applied Paint. Applicable On Asphalt And Concrete Surface. It Is Use For Road, Parking And Lane Markings. It Is Use For Zebra Crossing, Rumble Strip Marking, Speed Breaker Marking.

These Markings Facilitated High Visibility During Day And Night Both Which Contributes Effectively In Instant Recognizance Of The Lanes By Vehicle Drivers Which Further Leads To Smooth Flow Of Traffic And Greater Safety. Road Parking Reflective Marking Paint Applications: It Is Used For Roads & Highways, Parking And Lane Markings, Zebra Crossing, Rumble Strip Marking, Speed Breaker Marking.

Parking Marking Paint: This Type Of Paint Is Applied On Parking Areas Such As Apartments, Children Park, Etc. Here We Use Yellow Color Road Marking Paint. These Helps In Directing The Way And Also Helps In Night While Reflecting.

A. Lines Marking:

B. Arrow Marking:

C. Pedestrian Marking:

Speed Breakers / Speed Bumps :

We Are Leading Manufacturers , Suppliers, Wholesaler And Installation Service Provider Of Speed Breakers From Hyderabad To All Over India. Speed Breakers Are Traffic Management Devices Which Use Vertical Deflection To Slow Down Vehicles Passing Over Them. A SPEED BREAKER (Also Called A Road Hump, Speed Bump) Is A Rounded Traffic Calming Device Used To Reduce Vehicle Speed And Volume On Residential Streets. Speed Breakers Are Placed Across The Road To Slow Traffic And Are Often Installed In A Series Of Several Humps In Order To Prevent Cars From Speeding Before And After The Hump. Speed Breakers, Which Are Made From High Grade Rubber.

These Speed Breakers Are Highly Resistant To Various Impacts And Harsh Weather Conditions. We Provide Speed Breakers With Reflectors. Rubber Speed Breaker Or Speed Bumps That We Provide Are Perfect To Have Complete Control Over Speed. With Rubber Speed Breaker, Speed Can Be Reduced, And Therefore These Are Widely Demanded Throughout The Market. Speed Breakers Are Also Recommended To Be Installed On Roads. Speed Breakers Are Also Known As Speed Humps, Speed Bumps, Speed Ramps, Rubber Speed Bump.

Rubber Corner Guards:

Rubber Corner Guards Are Used To Protect The Corners/ Edges Of Pillars / Walls And Also Indicates That There Is A Corner / Pillar By Reflecting Using Reflective Strips. We Are The Leading Manufacturers, Supplier And Installation Service Provider Of Rubber Corner Guards From Hyderabad To All Over India. We Offers A Premium Range Of High Quality Pillar Guards Are Made From High Impact Resistance EPDM Rubber. They Are Designed To Protect The Edges Of Columns In Structures. It Is Specially Designed Product For Basement And Any Other Area Having Pillars. Rubber Corner Guard Also Called As Rubber Pillar Guard, And Corner Protector.

The Pillar Guards Mainly Used At Parking Lot, Hospitals, Hotels, Schools, Airport, Office, Garages, Elderly Apartment. Corner Guards Having Special Smooth Surface On The Outside Avoids Scratches To The Vehicles And Will Not Damage The Pillar Or Wall Edges. Their Reflective Sticker Provides Better Visibility In The Night. Rubber Pillar Guards Are Made With High Quality EPDM Rubber.

Traffic And Parking Basement Sign Boards:

We Are Leading Manufacturer , Supplier And Installation Service Provider Parking Sign Boards / Traffic Sing Boards From Hyderabad To All Over India. Traffic Signs Give Information About The Road Conditions Ahead, Provide Instructions To Be Followed At The Major Crossroads Or Junctions, Warn Or Guide Drivers, And Ensure Proper Functioning Of Road Traffic.

Quality- Sorted Range Of Highway Sign Boards. These Sign Boards Are Mostly Used In Highways, Roads, Lanes To Give Directions And Indications To The Drivers. Visible From Long Distance, This Range Of Products Help In Managing Traffic.

The Categories Of Shapes Normally Used Are Circular, Triangular, Rectangular, And Diamond Shape. Two Exceptional Shapes Used In Traffic Signs Are Octagonal Shape For STOP Sign And Use Of Inverted Triangle For GIVE WAY (YIELD) Sign. Road Sign Boards Also Called As Road Signs, Road Safety Sign, Traffic Signs, Traffic Sign Board, Safety Signage, And Sign Boards.

Parking Road Traffic Safety Signs Are Primarily Of Three Types:

1. Mandatory Signs: These Signs Are Used To Ensure Free Movement Of Traffic And Make The Road Users Cognizant Of Certain Laws And Regulations, Restrictions And Prohibitions. Violation Of These Signs Is An Offense, As Per Law. Road Safety Mandatory Signs.

2. Cautionary Signs: These Signs Make The Road Users Conscious Of Hazardous Conditions On The Road Beforehand. The Drivers, Accordingly, Take Necessary Actions To Handle The Situation.

3. Highway Sign Boards: These Sign Boards Are Mostly Used In Highways To Give Directions And Indications To The Drivers. Visible From Long Distance, This Range Of Products Help In Managing Traffic.