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Respiratory Protection

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Respiratory Protection

Universal Enterprises – We are Authorized Dealer, distributor, Trading and Supplying superior varieties of Respiratory Protection / Face Protection Respirator Chemical Mask, Venus safety products in Hyderabad, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Vizag including Disposable Respirators, Reusable Half Mask, Reusable Gas filters, Reusable Combined Filters, Reusable Particle Filter, Full Face Mask, Powered Air Purifying Respirator Clean Air Basic etc. We incepted in the market with a motive to provide highly safe and enhanced products for several safety needs. With our huge industrial experience and best marketing network, we are able to supply our products to various national clients.

Respiratory Protection Range: 
Disposable Nose Mask ( 3ply, FFP1, FFP2, FFP3, N95) VENUS 1010 (3PLY), VENUS V44+, V4400, V90V, V-4214 SLOV-V, V-414 SLOV-V, V-425 SLOV-V, V-410 SLV, V2426 SL-AC, VENUS CVN95+, VENUS CN95 OV

Our product range includes Disposable Respirators such as V-410-SL FFP1 Respirator Mask, V-410-V FFP1 S Respirator Mask, Venus CN95 Respirator Mask, Venus V-420 SLV FFP2 Respirator Mask, Venus V-430 SLV Respirator Mask, Venus V-20-V Respirator Mask and many more items.
we offer Reusable Gas filters such as Venus V7500- ABEK1 Reusable Gas filters, Venus V7500- K1 Filter, Venus V-7500 A1 Filter, Venus V7500- E1 Filter, Venus V7500- B1 Reusable Gas filters, Venus V-7800 ABEK1P2R Filter and many more items. Reusable Half Mask such as Venus V7800 Half Mask Large, Venus V800 Half Mask Medium, Venus V-500 Half Mask and Single Filter Half Mask Respirator from India.

Universal Enterprises – We Are The Leading Authorized Distributor, Dealer, Wholesaler, Supplier, And Trader Of Venus Respirators, Venus Full Face Mask, Venus Full Face Mask , Venus Reusable Full Face Dual Mask , And Venus Full Face Mask Dual In India, Telangana, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, Ongole, Vishakhapatnam (Vizag).

Venus Neck-up product range includes:
Respiratory Protective Devices:
Particulate filtering masks, half masks,
full face masks, chemical filters,
PAPR, SCBA & airline apparatus
Hearing Protective Devices:
Ear plugs and ear-muffs
Eye & Face Shield Devices:
Spectacles, goggles and face shields

The certified facilities produce and supply products conforming to:
Respiratory protection
Hearing protection
Head protection
Eye protection
Our laboratory is equipped with modern equipment to test
neck up products for:
American Standards 42 CFR Part 84
European Standards EN 149 EN140 EN143 EN14387
Malaysian SIRIM Standards
AS/NZS Standards 1716:2012
Indian Standards IS 9473 IS 14746 IS 14166 IS 15323
IS 10245(II) IS 10245(III) IS 2925 IS 9167
IS 5983
Quality Assurance practices at VENUS meet exacting standards.
There are stringent check points at all stages: incoming material,
intermediate stages of manufacturing and stages of outgoing products.

Respiratory Protection Devices
Respiratory Protection
Respiratory Protection Need:
Workplace concentration of contaminants (dust, mist, smoke, vapor or gases) should be reduced or minimized by adopting appropriate engineering control measures. Subject to effective engineering control being not feasible, suitable performing respirators shall be used.
The purpose of respiratory protection is to ensure that the workers are adequately protected from inhaling excessive airborne contaminants or oxygen
deficient air.
Workers should not be exposed to airborne Contaminants in excess of their permissible exposure levels, wherever possible.
Health Effects
Respiratory Hazard and their Effects
Oxygen deficiency
• Normal – 21% by Vol. in air
• Breathing – 17%
• Dizziness – 13%
• Unconsciousness / Death – 8 to 10%
Gaseous & Vapor contaminants
Affect supply of oxygen to body, damage organs and cause
respiratory paralysis, inflammation, unconsciousness &/or death
Particulate contaminants
• Relatively inert – ( Gypsum, Marble ): Minor irritation and
• Pulmonary Fibrosis producing – ( Quartz, Crystalobalite,
Tridymite, Coal, Asbestos ): Nodulation and fibrosis in the lungs
• Cancer producing – ( Asbestos, Chromates, Radioactive
particulates ): Causing cancer after 20 to 40 years
• Chemical irritants – ( Acid mist, Alkali mist ): Irritation,
Inammation, Ulceration in upper respiratory tract
• Systemic poison – ( Lead, Manganese, Cadmium ):
Pathologic reactions
• Allergy producing – ( Pollens, Isocyanates, Spices )
Itching, sneezing and asthma

Common Definitions:
Respiratory Protection Definitions
Particulate: The generic name of dust, mist, smoke
and fumes.
Fume: Fine solid aerosol which may be chemically
generated or of metallic origin.
Aerosol: Suspension of solid, liquid or solid
and liquid particles in a gaseous
medium, having a negligible falling
velocity (generally considered to be
less than 0.25 microns).
Vapor: Gaseous phase of a substance
which is liquid or solid at 20°C and 1 bar
Gas: An air-like fuid substance which
expands freely to fill any space available,
irrespective of its quantity.
Fog: An atmosphere in which
visibility is reduced because of a
cloud of some substance.
Mist: General term denoting liquid aerosols.
Smoke: General term denoting
an aerosol generated by incomplete combustion.
Hazardous Atmosphere: An atmosphere that contains a
contaminant in excess of its permissible exposure level or that is
oxygen deficient.
Contaminant: Undesirable solid, liquid or gaseous substance in
the air.
Dust: General term denoting solid particles (see also Fume and
Nuisance Dust: These dust may dissolve and pass into the
blood stream or may remain in the lungs either producing local or
systemic effects. Dust or grain, our, wood, etc, are common
examples. But these dust may cause irritation or produce allergy.
Immediately Dangerous to Life or Health
(IDLH) Level: Any atmosphere that poses an immediate hazard to
life or poses immediate irreversible debilitating effects on health
or impairs the ability to escape.
Time Weighted Average (TWA): The concentration of a
contaminant in air determined by adding together the products
of each concentration and the corresponding time over
which that concentration was measured, and dividing
the sum by the total time over which the
measurements were taken.
Threshold Limit Value (TLV): Air-borne
concentration of toxic substances and represents
conditions under which it is believed that nearly
all workers may by repeatedly exposed day
after day without adverse effect.
Protection Factor: Ratio of the
concentration of contaminant present in
the ambient atmosphere to its concentration
in the air inhaled by the wearer of a
respiratory protective device.
Types of RPD
Negative Pressure Respirator: A respirator in
which the air pressure inside the respiratory
inlet covering is less than the ambient air
pressure during inhalation.
Positive Pressure Respirator: A respirator in
which the pressure inside the respiratory inlet
covering is higher than the ambient air pressure.

Respiratory Protection:
Basic Type Design Comments
Disposable Respirator Reusable half & full face respirators Powered air and supplied air systems
How to choose the appropriate RPD
User Selection Guide
Types of Filtering devices dependent on ambient atmosphere
Filtering devices dependent
on ambient atmosphere
Breathing Apparatus (BA)
supplying breathable air.
Positive pressure respirator.
Independent of ambient
Disposable half mask respirator (the classic
‘dust mask’ design). In Low P1, Medium P2,
High efficiency P3
Re-usable half mask respirator. In Low-1,
Medium-2, High-3 efficiency or capacity
Re-usable full face mask
Powered hood/helmet with hip mounting unit.
Positive pressure respirator
Constant ow airline BA
Self Contained BA
Could be open or close circuit
For various types of particulates such as dust, fibres, mist and fumes
Some are fitted with exhalation valves to make breathing easier
For various types of particulates or vapors and gases depending
on fitted filter cartridge. Some have combination filters
As above, but incorporates visor for face protection
Powered fan and filter worn on a belt and connected via a hose to
the face piece
For all contaminants
Usually uses a full face mask/hood with long hose
Continuous supply of air from a compressor
For all contaminants
Usually full face mask has a demand valve arrangement
Compressed air supply is carried in cylinder on the wearer’s back

Oxygen deficiency
Particulate matter
Gas, odor & vapor
Combination of particulate & gas

Area of work – open, ventilated area, closed, air conditioned or exhaust
Presently used product
Facial contour
Physical properties
Chemical properties
Selection parameters
Identifying characteristics of contaminant
Protection and filter efficiency
Good wearer comfort & low breathing resistance
Man-hours worked & optimum protection with aid of Nominal Protection Factor
Training to use RPD
Respiratory Protection Devices
Prefilter coarse dust
· Does not clog the filter
High dust holding capacity
·Can be used over longer
period of time
Superior technology Micro fine filter media
·Protects from respirable suspended particulate matter
· Composite of multiple layers pre-filter, fine filter and skin comfort layer
Outer filter media
· Sheds minimum lint
· Application friendly
Soft Inner layer
· Comfort to the wearer
· Skin friendly even when
Promotes easy
Effectively removes
CO & heat 2
breathing comfort
·Gives customized fitting
option based on size of
the user’s head and
preference of positions
·Provides optimum comfort
Unique Adjuster Beads Transparent Valve
Transparent valve clearly demonstrates the performance of valve
It also indicates fogging levels
Fogging indicates good fitting of RPD
Half Foam Seal
The soft material of the foam
cushions the nose bridge thereby
providing comfort as well as ft
Nose liner
Provides ft and comfort
Prevents leakage
Full foam seal
For leak proof
comfortable fit
Composite filter media
User instructions in multiple
languages / Bi-lingual
For easy acceptance by
different wearers
Pharma-Food industry variant
No Metal exposure
Minimum lint minimizes the risk of
product contamination
Compatible with Venus head
protection and
eye protection devices
Drop Down Activated carbon layer
For absorption of Nuisance
level of odor and vapor
Outer flame retardant layer
Protects from welding sparks
Anti Clogging (NR D)
Having passed dolomite test,
they resist clogging even in
very high dust environments.
Can be dropped down
hanging when not in use
Color coded
Guide to feature icons

Unique ft adjusters:
Provides optimum
protection & comfort
Style Flat Fold “V”
Protects from respirable suspended
particulate matter
Composite of multiple layers- pre-filter,
fine filter and skin comfort layer
User friendly pocket design

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