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Universal Enterprises – We are leading Authorized Distributor, SITC Supply Installation Testing Commissioning, Dealer, Solution Company and Supplier of Godrej Security System Solutions / Godrej Premises Security System Solutions / Institutional Security System / Premises Security System / Physical Security System Products in India Telangana Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh. Godrej have been a leader in protecting India’s top institutions like banks, offices, heritage buildings & ships with our high-tech security solution Since 1902, we at Godrej Security Solutions have been instrumental in protecting India’s top institutions, including banks, offices, heritage buildings and ships with our innovative high-tech security solutions. Godrej security Solutions is a name that resonates with world-class quality and intelligent technologies. Our comprehensive range of security offerings include both physical and premises security solutions that provide peace of mind at work.

Godrej Premises Security System Solution – Godrej & Boyce:
Godrej Security Solutions comprehensive range of scanning & screening solutions and access & entrance control solutions is a high-tech series of devices that ensures no threatening object can enter the premise. Ranging from baggage to vehicular to container to face and full body, touchless scanners and even metal detectors, the series has all possible mediums covered. Godrej offers top notch security solutions for commercial & residential needs. We offer cutting edge threat intelligence to provide the best on-premises security.

  1. Access & Entrance
  2. Control Solutions
  3. Face recognition system
  4. Swing lane Barrier Gate
  5. UVSS (Under Vehicle Scanning System)
  6. Gscan Under Vehicle Scanning System (UVSS)
  7. Vigiguard Mantrap Door System
  8. Full Height Flap Barrier
  9. Vigiguard Plus Manual Swing Gate
  10. Vigiguard Plus Tripod
  11. Turnstile Access System
  12. Crash Resistant Barrier For Access Control Security
  13. Key Management Systems For Access Control
  14. IQ-Pec | Attendance & Access controller Access Controller & Attendance Control System
  15. IQ-Verifi | Biometric Access Controller Biometric Access Control System
  16. Vigiguard Automatic Boom Barriers
  17. Vigiguard Flap Barriers For Access Control
  18. Vigiguard Full Height Turnstile
  19. Vigiguard Tripod Turnstile
  20. Blocking Bollards
  21. Tyre Killer
  22. Tyre Ripper
  23. Road Blocker
  24. Automated License Plate Reading

Scanning Screening Solutions

  1. GScan HZ-10 Hand Held Metal Detector
  2. Hand Held Metal Detector – GScan HZ 10
  3. Gscan 9Z Walk Through Metal Detector
  4. G scan 9Z Walk Through Door Frame Metal Detector
  5. Norka Real Time Viewing System
  6. Baggage Scanner Machine

Baggage Scanner Machine
Real Time Viewing System is a unique portable X-ray detector with a minifocus and microfocus constant-potential X-ray source. The voltage can be adjusted from 2 0 to 160kV. This allows inspecting objects made from (20-70kV is the optimal voltage for checking mail and thin objects, while 100-160kV works best for baggage and thick objects). One of the advantages of this X-ray inspection system is its ability to inspect areas of an object in fine detail using geometric magnification (up to 40 times).

Explosive Vapour Tracer Detector
Explosive Vapor Detector ( EVD ) – Pilot M/M1
In today’s fast moving life, timely detection of explosives/similar objects and exposing the dreaded acts of terrorists, has great significance for prevention of acts of terrorism, and saving of human lives. These kind of situations demand a highly versatile and user friendly Explosive Detector. That’s where Pilot M1 bomb detector comes as a ready made solution. The device is very convenient to use and has easy portability designed with ergonomics coupled with capabilities like high sensitivity, quick detection, high selectivity and low warm up time. Pilot M1 becomes a highly valuable device to combat terrorist activities & acts as an bomb detector. In fact .
For experts from Bomb Disposal Teams, Pilot M1 bomb detector can be connected to a PC or a Laptop, to carry out an intense analysis of the detected substance. The bomb detector comes with many accessories which can simplify the efforts of the bomb disposal technician.

GScan Pole Ferromagnetic Contraband Detector
G Scan Pole contraband screener is a ferro-magnetic metal detector for the detection of contrabands such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets, smart watches, guns, knives, razor blades and other threat items. It screens the complete body in a single walk-by for all ferro-magnetic sources. The system is simple and can be deployed within minutes and is ready to screen immediately. The internal battery ensures power independent operation, so GSCAN POLE can be deployed at any location. It can find concealed phones and ferrous contraband, can locate phones hidden behind walls, under clothing or in packages, bags and other objects. It can even locate phones hidden inside someone’s body.