Fire Sprinkler System Service


Fire Sprinkler System Is An Active Fire Protection Measure, Consisting Of A Water Supply System, Providing Adequate Pressure And Flow-Rate To A Water Distribution Piping System, Onto Which Fire Sprinklers Are Connected. Although Historically Only Used In Factories And Large Commercial Buildings, Systems For Homes And Small Buildings Are Now Available At A Cost-Effective Price.  Universal Enterprises – Mincon – We Are Leading Installation Service Company and Solution Provider Of Fire Sprinklers Pendent, Sidewall Type Fire Sprinklers, Pendent Fire Sprinklers, Upright Fire Sprinklers In India, Telangana, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh.

Over The Years, Fire Sprinklers Have Become Mandatory Safety Equipment In Most Parts Of India, In Certain Occupancies Like Newly Constructed Hospitals, Schools, Hotels And Other Public Buildings, Industries, Etc. Subject To The Local Building Codes And Enforcement.