Automatic Rising / Retractable Bollards Supplier & Installation SITC Solution Company


Automatic Hydraulic Rising Bollards or Automatic Rising / Retractable Bollards Solution SITC ( Supply Installation Testing and Commissioning ) Solution Company in India: Universal Enterprises offering Hydraulic retractable bollards for commercial entrance automation and complete solution as the initial level security at all entry and exit points. These devices can be easily integrated with RFID technology, IOT controllers or with other customized applications for better automation and tracking of all entrance and exits. Hydraulic Rising Bollards designed with robust structure to withstand heavy impact force and unique features and integration options make it ideal for high security entrance application. Bollards play a pivotal role in keeping such drivers in the lane and drive-by following traffic rules. Embedded in a sidewalk, street, parking lot and similar other surfaces, Bollards are designed to develop a protective barrier and prevent cars as well as other vehicles from driving at unwanted places or from areas, where they are not allowed. They are standalone post, steel, short and sturdy as well as anchored in a hard surface like concrete. They are used to block vehicle movement from all directions and allow for full pedestrian movement inconvenient way. You can see the use of bollards between the parking space and the beginning of the adjacent outdoor pedestrian seating area that needs protection.

Automatic Rising Bollards are equipped with compact hydraulic unit built with pump piston drive mechanism that makes it more suitable for smooth operations with intensive use. Robust heavy duty steel structure with reinforced cage provides more strength to withstand highest level of impact. Retractable Bollard can be lowered entirely below the road surface to allow traffic to pass, or raised to block traffic. Concealed traffic bollards are used to secure sensitive areas from attack, or to enforce traffic rules that are time related, or to restrict access to the highly sensitive areas. We Are Leading Installation Service Company And Complete Solution Provider Of Automatic Hydraulic Rising Bollards SITC (Supply Installation Testing And Commissioning) Installation Solution Company In India, Hyderabad, Telangana And Andhra Pradesh. Universal Enterprises – We Are The Leading Manufacturer, Supplier And Solution Company Of Automatic Retractable Bollards Solution In India, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad.

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