Door Frame Metal Detector (DFMD) – Electric Entry Gates Solution Company

Door Frame Metal Detector ( DFMD )– Electric Entry Gates Solution SITC ( Supply Installation Testing and Commissioning ) Solution Company in India: Those who visited airports, train stations, government offices, shopping malls, theatres, and events would have passed through this security equipment to prove they were not carrying any metal objects. This security device is known as a Door Frame Metal Detector. This security technology enables security officers to inspect individuals entering a building for metal or potentially dangerous objects. Metal Detectors, like baggage scanners and CCTV cameras, are safe and effective

Universal Enterprises has come up with an exclusive range of door frame metal detectors used in different premises and places. We design and offer temperature screening DFMD, thermal temp DFMD, Multi-zone DFMD and a broad range of door frame metal detectors. Door frame metal detector or DFMD is the vital metal detector – fitted at entrances to detect metal that may be hidden on the body of the person while passing through the door. It is also known as walk-through metal detector.

We Are Leading Installation Service Company And Complete Solution Provider Of Door Frame Metal Detector – Electric Entry Gates SITC (Supply Installation Testing And Commissioning) Installation Solution Company In India, Hyderabad, Telangana And Andhra Pradesh. Universal Enterprises – We Are The Leading Manufacturer, Supplier And Solution Company Of Door Frame Metal Detector – Automatic Electric Entry Gates Solution In India, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad.

Main Gate Security SystemWe offer various kinds of main gate security system with exceptional quality in competitive prices. Large windows or panels cannot stop the intruders from entering into the building. You will need the strong physical barrier to act as the natural surveillance, and to halt the unauthorized approach at the entrance. There are ample ways of possible outcomes that can happen without proper main gate security. Presence of the main gate security ensures the safety of your people and assets. Safety and security need to have a prominent place in acquiring the trust of the people. Main gate security is responsible for the security at the entrance terminal.