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General Safety Equipment

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General Safety Equipment

Universal Enterprises – We Are Leading Authorized Distributor, Dealer, Wholesaler, Supplier and Trader Of General Safety Equipment / General Safety Items In India, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad, Vizag, etc… Gas Detector for CO, O₂, H₂S Karam Authorized Distributor Dealer Supplier in India. Universal Enterprises – We are leading authorized distributor, dealer, wholesaler, supplier and trader of Single Gas Detectors / Karam Gas Detectors for CO, O₂, H₂S / Single Gas Detectors for NH₃, CO, H₂, H₂S, NO₂, O₂, SO₂ India, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad – notably some of the most reliable detectors in the industry. Single gas disposable detectors protect workers from oxygen deficiency and toxic gases. They operate continuously without sensor or battery replacement. Karam portable detectors measure gas continuously, display the concentration and raise an alarm when a risk occurs. Reliable Gas Detection : Have peace of mind that Karam detectors are working 24/7 non-stop, recording events for two years to protect workers from hazardous gases.

Universal Enterprises Supply All Kinds Of General Safety Equipment Such as Under Ground Electrical Cable Warning Tape, Broach Cutter, Tarpaulin Sheets, Spine Board Stretcher, Eye Bolts, Head Lamp LED, Umbrella, Solvent Can, Wind Sock Stand, Rescue Stick with hook, Revolving Flasher, Aviation Obstruction Led Light, Cable Ties, Drum Lifter, Hand Pallet Truck, PP Rope ladder, Hydraulic Jack, Wheel Chair Folding, Dragon Search Light, Telescopic Pole, Escape Smoke Hood, Speed Radar Gun, Industrial Belt, Aluminium Hood for Heat Resistance, Led flasher Revolving light, Automatic Shoe Cover Dispenser, Aluminium Ladder, Flood light, LED Flashlight, Level Meter, Wheeled Dustbins, Life Jackets, Life Buoy, Hand Held Metal Detector, Rubber mats, Shoulder Pads, Confined Space Ventilation Blower, Led Search Light, Polycarbonate Lathi, Measuring Tape, Electrical Earth Discharge Rod, Alcohol Breath Analyser, First Aid Box, Snake Bite Kit, Ladders, LDPE Sheets, Mastic Pads, Curing Pipe, PVC Suction Pipe, Canvas Pipe, Binding Wire, Waste Cloth, MS Chisels, PVC Cover Blocks, Swell Coupler, Brown Packing Tape, Foam Sheets, Tapes – Floor Marking Tapes, Anti-skid Tape, Auto Glow Tape, Retro Reflective Radium Tapes, 3M Reflective tape, Masking Tape To Various Industries.

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