Fire Suppression System Service and Solution


Fire Suppression System:

Predominantly these systems are installed for data centers, server rooms, UPS rooms and electrical room or any high sensitive equipped areas are not allowed the fire suppression with the water.  Most of the cases the gas agent used with FM200, NOVEC1230, CO2 & Inert gas for avoiding any impact on environment. These agents are electrically non-conductive and does not leave residue and works for all class of fires.  The basic construction of the equipment is again through a seamless pipe network above schedule 40 connecting to the Cylinder with a solenoid actuator.  There are different methods are used for extinguishing the agent such as fire detection system or aspiration systems to know the accurate fire thresholds to activate the solenoid actuator and suppress the fire. 

Universal Enterprises installed these systems in several high risk areas, can offer wide range solutions for the same.

Suppression Systems Have Become A Necessity To Several Industries As They Help Control Damage And Loss To Equipment. Common Means Of Detection Are Through Heat Sensors, Wiring, Or Manual Detection (Depending On System Selection). Universal Enterprises – Mincon –We Are Leading Installation Service Provider, Contractor Of FIRE SUPPRESSION SYSTEM MEP CONTRACTOR AND SOLUTION COMPANY In Hyderabad, India, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh. Fire Systems Has A Dedicated Specialist Division For The Design, Supply, Installation And Maintenance Of Fire Detection With Fire Suppression Systems/ Water Mist System / Gas Extinguishing. We Are Only One Of A Handful Of Companies With The Specialist Knowledge Required To Offer Complete Fire Management Solutions In High Risk Areas Which Have Valuable Equipment Like UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) Rooms, Generator Rooms, Computer Rooms, Data Center Rooms And Specialist Oilfield Enclosures.