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Safety Harnesses & Full Body Belts Karam Brand Dealers and Suppliers in India ( Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh )

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Universal Enterprises – We are Leading karam Brand Authorized Distributor, Dealer , Wholesaler, Supplier and Trader of Karam Brand Fall Protection Equipment in India, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad, Ongole.

KARAM offers a comprehensive range of Fall Protection equipment like full body harnesses, hooks and connectors, lanyards, retractable fall arrestor blocks, anchorages, fixed line systems, etc., to suit a vast range of applications and situations.

Karam Harness and Accessories: Keep You Safe and Secure : Full Body Safety Harness Class L, Class A , Class D ,Class P
Karam is a company that specializes in the production of PPE. People who work in the construction industry work at a great height and they are very prone to injuries. To ensure safety from fatal accidents safety harness is very important. The Karam safety harness offers a high level of protection to industrial workers from injuries and fatal accidents. These harnesses help in protecting individuals from injuries or shocks. Karam is working to create a lasting impact on the lives of industrial workers while working in different industries. A high level of safety within factory premises plays a major role in enhancing the efficiency and responsiveness of workers. Therefore, Karam provides the best safety harness and other accessories.

Advantages of Karam Safety Harness
Adjustable – Most of the Karam harness and accessories are adjustable. These are equipped with adjustable shoulder and thigh straps which makes it easy to wear and can be adjusted as per your convenience. Due to this, it helps the worker in positioning himself so that he can work with both hands-frees.

Convenient – These harnesses are very convenient to wear. The shoulder and thigh-straps are differentiated by a dual color scheme which makes it more convenient.

Ergonomic – The design of these harnesses are ergonomic and are ideally positioned sit-strap for extended comfort.

The safety harness is safety equipment designed to protect the person from falling accidents. It is the form of attachment between a stationary and non-stationary object. It is fabricated from rope, cable or webbing and locking system. Usually, the safety harness is combined with shock absorber. It is used to regulate deceleration when the end of the rope is reached.

Factors to consider while choosing Harness:
Size and weight – Usually the maximum load the safety harness can bear is up to 300 lbs. of total capacity. In case the total weight of worker along with the tools exceed the 300 lbs then you need to choose the heavyweight safety harness.

Usage frequency and comfort level – Based on your frequency of using the harness you can select the suitable safety harness. If you are using on harness for very few times, then the basic harness too can work. In case you are planning to work over the fall arrest regularly then there is premium harness range in the market. These harnesses are ideal for various applications that include fall arrest, work positioning, rescue and rope access.

Specialized form of harness – There is a special harness for a welding process that can withstand extreme heat condition. You can take the advice of experts while selecting the right type of harness for the required industry type.

Body harnesses are safety devices that support the wearer in the event of a fall from an aerial worksite. They are also used to support a worker while doing suspended work. They are a common type of personal protective equipment (PPE), and are also called safety harnesses, fall protection systems, and fall arrest systems.

Body harnesses work by stopping the descent of an individual that falls from an elevated position. As a general rule, a body harness should be used anytime a working height of six feet or more is needed. A full-body harness with a shock-absorbing lanyard or a retractable lifeline is the only product recommended. A full-body harness distributes the descent shock forces throughout the body, and the shock-absorbing lanyard regulates deceleration and arresting forces. Body harnesses allow a worker to keep his or her hands free to work. The harnesses are usually made from rope, cable, or webbing and consist of locking hardware. The hardware consists of snaps, latches or keeper, keeper spring, keeper rocks, and thimbles.

This standard covers the following types of belts and harnesses.

4.1 All full body harnesses shall be classified as Class. A – Fall Arresting.

4.1.1 Class A – Fall Arresting
Class A harnesses are designed to support the body during and after the arrest of a fall.
Class A harnesses shall have one D-ring for fall arrest attachment affixed to both shoulder straps at the back or at the front.

4.2 Optionally, full body harnesses could be classified under one or more classes. The identifications of these classes are:
Class D – Controlled descent
Class E – Confined entry and exit (raising and lowering)
Class L – Ladder climbing (frontal attachment)
Class P – Work positioning

4.2.1 Class D – Controlled Descent
Class D harnesses are those which meet the requirements for Class A harnesses and which are also
designed for controlled descent from a height. Class D harnesses shall have front- or side-mounted D-rings, but they shall not be mounted at waist level.

4.2.2 Class E – Vertical Entry and Exit
Class E harnesses are those which meet the requirements for Class A harnesses and which are also designed to support the user during entry into and
exit from confined spaces, usually involving the lowering and raising of the user.
Class E harnesses shall have a sliding D-ring on each shoulder strap.

4.2.3 Class L – Ladder Climbing
Class L harnesses are those which meet the requirements for Class A harnesses and which are designed
for use with a fall arrest system mounted on or adjacent to ladders or towers. Class L harnesses shall have one or two D-rings attached to the front of the harness.

4.2.4 Class P – Work Positioning
Class P harnesses are those which meet the requirements for Class A harnesses and which are designed
to position the user during a work operation. Class P harnesses shall have D-rings mounted at waist level.


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There are four classes of fall protection systems

Class 1
Body belts (single or double D-ring), designed to restrain a person in a hazardous work position, prevent a fall, or arrest it completely within 3 feet (OSHA).

Class 2
Chest harnesses, used only with limited fall hazards (including no vertical free fall), or for retrieving persons, as from a tank or bin.

Class 3
Full body harnesses, designed to arrest the most severe free falls.

Class 4
Suspension belts, independent supports used to suspend a worker, such as boatswain’s chairs or raising or lowering harnesses

Safety Harness Applications:
Window washing
Construction work
Crane operators
Bridge painting
Rock climbing
Scaffold work

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