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Safety Equipment PPE

All Type of Safety Equipment PPE Authorized Dealer & Supplier in India, Universal Enterprises supply all kinds of PPE Safety Equipment / Personal Protective Equipment such as Head Protection, Safety Helmets, Eye Protection, Safety Goggles, Ear Protection, Ear Muff, Ear Plugs & Dispenser, Respiratory Protection, Reusable Nose Mask, Face Protection, Hand Protection, Body Protection, Boiler Suits, Foot Protection, Safety Shoes. Safety Helmets, Hearing Protection, Face Protection, Hand Protection, Protective Workwear, Safety Shoes, Helmets, Face Masks, Garments, Rainwear, Hand gloves and Safety shoes to varied industries.

Safety Equipment PPE Supplier Distributor Dealer in India – Vijayawada | Vizag | Nellore | Tada | Sri City | Secunderabad | Tirupati | Anantapur | Kurnool | Chittoor | East Godavari | Kakinada | Guntur | Telangana | Andhra Pradesh | Hyderabad | Karimnagar | Ongole | Chimakurthy | Tamil Nadu | Chennai | Karnataka | Bangalore | Bengaluru.

Personal Protective Equipment Range:
Head Protection
Safety Helmets
PN501, PN521, PN542, H2010V, Ultra5000, Fusion 6000, Ultra Vent 7000, Lighton V, Thermo Guard 9000, ESAB A20, Bump Cap, Labour Helmet, Loader Helmet, PN551, PN552
Brands: Karam, Venus, Udyogi, Local, ESAB ( A20)

Eye Protection
Safety Goggles
ES001, ES003, ES004, ES005, ES006, ES007, ES008, ES009, UD71, UD91, UD81, E102, E 306, E501, E767, FG2, ZOOM
Brands:  Karam, Venus, Udyogi, ESAB, Local

Ear Protection
Ear Muff
EP21, EP22, EP23, N555
Brands: Karam, Venus,

Ear Plugs and Dispenser
EP01, EP02, EP04, EP300, 304L
Brands: Karam, Honeywell

Respiratory Protection
Disposable Nose Mask ( 3ply, FFP1, FFP2, FFP3, N95) VENUS 1010 (3PLY), VENUS V44+, V4400, V90V, V-4214 SLOV-V, V-414 SLOV-V, V-425 SLOV-V, V-410 SLV, V2426 SL-AC, VENUS CVN95+, VENUS CN95 OV

Reusable Nose Mask
V500, V800, V900, V777, V999, V668 MT, V7900
Venus ( Full Face, Half Face, Cartridges)
Venus SCBA 6ltr 108-6AS
Self-contained Breathing Apparatus

Face Protection
Face Shields (PC, Welding , Welding Dome, Hand Shields)
Brands: Karam, ESAB

Hand Protection
Cotton Dotted, Cotton Double Dotted, Cotton Knitted, Hosiery, Nitrile Examination, Rubber, Surgical, Electrical Hand Gloves, PU Coated, Terry Knitted, Kevlar, Aluminized, Leather, Asbestos, Antistatic, Cotton Canvas, Latex Coated Cut Resistant, Nitrile Coated Half Dipped, PU Coated Cut Resistant Hand Gloves, HS 51, Wire Mesh, Nitrile Hand Gloves, Silicon Hand Gloves, Anti Vibration, Impact Resistant hand gloves
Brands: Karam, Udyogi, Black + Decker, etc

Body Protection
Safety Jackets
(2V+1H -> 70 GSM, 120GSM, 180 GSM)
2V + 2H -> 130 GSM and zip model
3 Side Open Jacket
3m tape, fabric tape, pvc tape.
Cross belt

Boiler Suits
Cotton Boiler Suits, Reflective Coverall, Fire Retardant, Aluminized fire proximity coverall, , pvc suit, Disposable coverall, ARC Flash Suit, , Cold Storage Suit, Nomex suit

Foot Protection
Safety Shoes
• U4, Beston, Workout
Brands: Hillson

• FS05, FS02, FS01, FS04, FS26, FS21, FS61, FS65, FS150, FS69RG, FS100, FS101, Soccer, Panther, Mirage, Nucleus, MF01, Samurai, LF02, Base, Argo Black, 2101, , Zappy, Robust, Tiger Lorex, Leopard, EDGE Lite EX MF, EDGE –DD MF, EDGE DD MF AK, TANGO DD MF, TANGO IMPACT
Brands: Karam, Hillson, Bata, Mallcom, Udyogi

Nitrile Sole
Karam, Udyogi

Sports Shoes
Karam ( FS201, FS202, FS203, FS204, FS208, FS210, FS213 AND FS215)
Hillson ( 1902, 1903, 1904)

Welcome, century (yellow), chota hathi, Sherpa, Dragon, Torpedo, No Risk, Di electric Boot

Safety Equipment Supplier and Dealer in India, Telangana, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, Ongole, Nellore, Vijayawada, Vizag.

Personal Protection Safety Equipment PPE Suppliers and Dealers in India, Telangana, Hyderabad, Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh, Nellore, Vizag. Personal Protection Equipment’s (PPE) Dealer and Supplier in India
We are Leading Dealers, Supplier, Exporter and Wholesaler of Personal Protection Equipment’s in Hyderabad & all over India For Personal Protection, We are Offering complete choice of products which include… Safety Helmets, Safety Helmets with Torch, Safety Jackets, Nose Mask, Safety Goggles, Safety Net, Hand Gloves, Coverall, Safety shoes, Gum Boots and Face Mask.

KARAM, India’s Leading Personal Protective Equipment Manufacturing Enterprise, And Is Rated As One Of The Finest Indian Companies Providing World Class PPE. KARAM Also Ranks As The Number One Company In The Field Of Personal Safety In India, And As One Of The Top Ten Fall Protection Manufacturing Companies In The World. Universal Enterprises – We Are Leading Authorized Distributor, Dealer , Wholesaler, Supplier And Trader Of Personal Protective Safety Equipment In India, Telangana, Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad, Ongole.

KARAM Is A Leading Manufacturer Of Personal Protective Equipment In India. The Vast Range Of Safety Equipment From KARAM Is Known For Its Finest Quality And Performance. Besides, Providing The Best & Exclusively Industry Specific Safety Products, KARAM Also Offers Customized Training And Consultancy To Combat Safety Hazards And Helps In Selection Of Suitable Personal Protective Equipment

KARAM Specializes In The Field Of Fall Protection, Head Protection, Safety Shoes, Safety Spectacles, Ear Protection, Welding Protection And Respiratory Protective Equipment. KARAM Also Offers PPE For Rope-Access & Rescue. All The Products Like Safety Harness, Safety Helmets, Safety Eyewear And Confined Space Equipment, Etc. Goes Under Stringent Quality Checks And Are Certified As Per IS, DGMS And Other International Norms.

KARAM Specializes In The Field Of Safety Harness & Body Belts, Hooks & Karabiners, Lanyards, Anchor Points, Horizontal Lifelines, Vertical Lifelines, Tripods & Winches, Rescue & Descent Equipment, Self Retracting Lifelines, Safety Helmets, Safety Shoes, Protective Eyewear, Hearing Protection, Welding Protection, Respirators Etc. All These Products Undergo Stringent Quality Checks And Are Certified As Per IS & DGMS And Other International Norms.
KARAM Also Offers Customized Training And Consultancy To Combat Safety Hazards In Different Industries In India.

KARAM Endeavors To Provide Only The Finest And Best Solution In The Field Of Protection From Head To Toe To Our Valued Customers, Not Only In India But Also The Rest Of The World. KARAM Is A One Stop Shop For Personal Protective Equipment In India.
For The Indian Market, KARAM Specializes In The Field Of Fall Protection, Head Protection, Safety Shoes, Safety Eyewear, Hearing Protection, Welding Protection, Hand Protection, Protective Workwear, Rope Access And Rescue, Confined Space Entry And Egress And Fixed Line Systems.

Karam- A Pioneer In Personal Protective Equipment
Karam Is A Company Which Specializes In The Production Of PPE In India. Karam’s Objective To Create A Lasting Impact On The Lives Of Industrial Workers While Working In Inhospitable Conditions In Industrial Settings. To Address The Needs Of Industrial Workers, The Company’s Range Of Products Include Safety Helmets, Protective Safety Eyewear, Welding Protective Face Shields, Hearing Protective Equipment, Safety Shoes And A Vast Range Of Fall Protection Equipment. The Product Portfolio Of Karam Industries Also Includes Anchorage Systems, Evacuation And Rescue Products, Specialized Rope Access And Confined Entry/Egress Systems Etc.

Ensure Maximum Safety Within Industrial Settings Using Karam Safety Shoes
Feet Related Injuries Often Occur At Outdoor Settings And Factories, Often Crippling The Victims For Life. To Ensure A High Level Of Safety For Professionals In Such Challenging Work Environments, Karam Presents A New Range Of Karam Safety Shoes. The Footwear Available As A Part Of The Category Include Models That Come With A Full Grain Leather, And Are Resistant To Chemical, Oil And Heat. Therefore, They Are Highly Valued By Professionals Who Are Exposed To Industrial Applications Which Involve Daily Exposure To Chemicals And Oils.

Keeping In Touch With The Needs Of People Who Want To Shop Karam Safety Shoes Online, The Company Is Also Offering Shoes That Come With Double Density PU Out Sole For Comfort And High Abrasion Resistance. They Have An Upper Portion Which Is Made From Soft Breathable Inner Lining. The Shock Absorbing Feature Of The Shoes Make Them Ideal For Usage In Thermal & Hydel Power Plants, Iron & Steel Factories Etc.

Karam Safety Shoes FS01 Is Equipped With A Quarter Lining Made From Nelton Padded Foam. The Pair Has A Highly Resistant Pair Lining And A Cleated Outsole With Wider Cleats Which Provides A Cleaning Effect And Higher Grip. A High Level Of High Durability And Flexibility Is Ensured By The PU/PU Sole. These Anti-Fatigue Shoes Are Antistatic, Oil/Acid Resistant, Antis Lip And Heat Resistant With Shock Absorbing Property. The Karam Safety Shoes Fs01 Price Has Been Kept Within An Affordable Range Keeping In View The Spending Power Of Buyers. The Pair Comes With A 6-Month Manufacturer Warranty.

Ensure High Level Of Eye Safety With Karam Safety Goggles
Exposure To Industrial Production Processes That Involve Exposure To Substances Such As Heat, Fire Etc. Can Serious Eye Injuries. Some Of These Accidents Can Lead To The Permanent Blindness. Karam Has Spent A Considerable Amount Of Time In Research And Development To Create A New Range Of Safety Googles Which Come With Exciting Features. These Karam Safety Goggles Are Anti-Fog Lenses And Are Created From High Quantity Polycarbonate Material. They Are Scratch And Impact Resistant And Flexible Nose Pad With 99.9 UV Protection. Therefore, They Can Be Worn By Workers Engaged In A Wide Range Of Industries.

Build An Unbreakable Wall Of Defense Over Your Head Using Karam Helmets
People Working In Industrial Sites Such As Construction Sites And Warehouses Have To Deal With A Wide Range Of Items On A Day To Day Basis. The Falling Of Heavy Or Sharp Objects From Great Heights Can Lead To Grievous Injuries On The Head. Karam Safety Helmets Have Been Specifically Created To Meet Up With The Needs Of Industrial Workers Who Work Outdoors Almost On A Regular Basis.

These Helmets Have Been Manufactured Using High Quality Polymer And Have A High Strength. Some Of Them Come With A Manual Adjustment Feature And A Ratchet Which Suits Most Types Of Head Sizes. They Are Compliant With Both ISI And DGMS Specifications And Has A Triple Corrugation Shell Which Offers Increased Impact Resistant Quality.

The Karam Welding Helmets On The Other Hand Are Made From Polycarbonate And Are Equipped With A Ratchet Adjustment Feature. The Presence Of Polypropylene Resistant Shell Ensures A High Level Of Durability. These Helmets Have Protective Lens Have Been Created From Clear High Impact Resistant Polycarbonate Lenses. They Are Lifetable And Therefore Offer A Clear View, While Resisting The Entry Of Harmful Of Dust Particles. The Karam Safety Helmet Price Has Been Devised In A Careful Manner So As To Ensure That Professionals Can Acquire The Models They Require Without Spending A Large Sum.

Ensure A High Level Of Safety While Working At Great Heights With Karam Safety Belts
People Working In Construction Sites Often Have To Work At Great Heights. To Ensure That Workers Stay Safe From Fatal Accidents While Working At Such Locations, Karam Has Come Up With A New Range Of Karam Safety Belts. These Belts Are Equipped With A Waist Belt Which Ensures A Good Fitting. They Are Buckle & Jointless, Have A D-Ring, Automatic Spring Hook Etc. Tested For Usage At 2100 Kg. BS (Breaking Strengths), Some Of These Models Come With A Pad Which Ensures A High Level Of Comfort.

Made From Nylon/Polyamide And Stitched With Nylon Thread Along With Copper Revit Which Offers A High Level Of Safety. They Check Falls And Assist In Rescue As Well As Evacuation Operations. The Safety Belts Come With Life Line And Zinc Plated Forged Steel Self-Locking Snap And Adjustable Buckles In High Strength Chrome/Zinc Plated Steel. The Karam Safety Belt Price Are Within A Wide Range And Therefore They Can Be Availed By People Without Feeling A Pinch In Their Wallet.

Safety Harnesses Play A Vital Role In Protecting A Person From Serious Injuries While Working At A High Elevation. Aware Of The Dangers That They May Be Exposed To, Karam Has Launched A New Range Of Karam Full Safety Harnesses. They Possess Front D-Rings, Side D-Rings And Are Widely Used For Accidental Or Planned Fall Protection. This New Karam Safety Harness Collection Includes A Wide Range Of Models Such As Full Body/Fall Protection Safety Belt, Shock Absorbing Webbing Lanyard Etc.

They Are Equipped With An Adjustable Shoulder And Thigh-Straps As Well As Shoulder And Thigh-Straps And Have A Distinctive Look Because Of Their Dual Colour Scheme. These Safety Harnesses Distribute Fall Forces Across The Body And Minimize Chances Of Injury.








Universal Enterprises –We are Leading Authorized Distributor, Dealer , Wholesaler, Supplier and Trader of Personal Protection Safety Equipment PPE in India, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad, Ongole. We are Leading Authorized Distributor, Dealer , Wholesaler, Supplier and Trader of Disposable Medical Coverall in India, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad, Ongole. Disposable Medical Coverall Safety Equipment: Providing you the best range of Karam Ear Protection EP02, Full Body Harness – PN41 – Karam, Full Body Harness PN22 – Karam, Retractable Fall Arrester Blocks – PCWB05 – Karam, Retractable Fall Arrester Blocks with G.I Wire Rope – PCGS05 – Karam and Full Body Harness – PN21 – Karam with effective & timely delivery. Distributor / Channel Partner of a wide range of products which include Protective Workwear PW 1101, Karam Ear Protection EP04, Disposable Medical Coverall, Safety Reflective Jackets, Polycarbonate Visor and Reusable Respirator. We are a Leading Dealer and Exporter of Personal Protection Safety Equipment in in India. For Personal Protection Safety Equipment, We are Offering complete choice of products which includes Safety Helmets, Helmets with Torch, Safety Jackets, Nose Mask, Safety Goggles, Safety Net, Hand Gloves, Coverall, Safety shoes, Gum Boots and Face Mask. Safety Products Industrial Safety Products Suppliers in India.
Universal Enterprises is the Leading Dealer and exporter of Industrial Safety Equipment, Personal Protective Safety Equipment in India, Industrial Safety Equipment suppliers, Safety Helmets, Safety Vest, Reflective Jackets, Safety Vests, Safety Shoes, Gumboots, Pollution Mask, Safety Goggles. PPE Safety like Coveralls, Jackets, ,WORKWEAR, Coveralls, Jackets, Hazard Protection, Cut Resistant Sleeve, PPE, HEAD PROTECTION, Safety Helmets, Bump Caps , HEARING PROTECTION, Ear Protectors, Ear Plugs, EYE PROTECTION, Safety Spectacles, Safety Goggles, Eye Protection Accessories, MASKS & FILTERS, Masks, Filters, FALL PROTECTION, Harnesses & Connectors, Kits and Accessories. Personal Protection Safety Equipment PPE which includes..
Safety Helmets
Safety Helmets with Torch
Safety Jackets
Nose Mask
Safety Goggles
Construction Safety Net
Hand Gloves
Industrial Safety shoes
Face and Nose Mask

Safety Shoes Dealers In India ( Hyderabad , Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh )
Universal Enterprises – We Are Leading Authorized Distributor, Dealer , Wholesaler, Supplier And Trader Of Safety Shoes In India, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad, Secunderabad, Ongole.

Karam Safety Shoes Are Equipped With A Soft Breathable Inner Lining, Therefore, They Can Check Sweat For Long Hours And Help The User Stay Active While Working Within The Factory Settings Or Outdoors. They Are Equipped With A Double Density PU Out-Sole Which Ensures Comfort And High Abrasion Resistance. Karam Safety Shoes Are Oil & Acid-Resistant, Antistatic, Anti-Slip & Heat Resistant And Can Absorb Shocks. Therefore, They Are Widely Used In Settings That Involve Exposure To Applications That Involve The Use Of A Large Amount Of Power Such As Hydel And Thermal Power Plants.

Bata Industrial – Bata Industrial Safety Shoes Are Highest Rated By Industrial Workers For Their Durability To Adapt To Harsh Working Conditions. The Footwear Which We Are Offering As Part Of This Category Is Compliant With The Latest Industrial Specifications. These Shoes Are Equipped With Gambrel Lining Which Keeps Perspiration At Bay For Long Hours. These Shoes Are Suitable For Use In Construction Sites, Warehouses, Oil Rigging Sites, And Oil And Petroleum Refineries.

Universal Enterprises Is A Dealer Of Hillson Footwear For Supplying Gum Boots And Safety Shoes To Mining, Construction And Varied Industries.

Hillson Footwear Range Represents A Perfect Blend Of Technological Innovation, Quality Material And Expertise And Its Footwear Collection Is Robust, Comfortable And Reliable, Which Gives Customers A Unique Confidence.

Hand Gloves
Universal Enterprises – We are Leading Authorized Distributor, Dealer , Wholesaler, Supplier and Trader of All Type of Hand Gloves in India, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad, Ongole.

Hand Protection
Hands are indispensable if an individual wishes to lead a self-sufficient life. They are fragile and irreplaceable, and require care and protection. It is extremely important to choose the right pair of gloves to combat the identified hazard and risk level.

KARAM offers a range of gloves that can be worn by the user under different work conditions. The recommendations are also based on the different manufacturing styles of these gloves, along with their different make-material and coatings, besides the different tests that these gloves pass.

We are a popular Dealers, Supplier, Wholesaler, Trader and exporter of safety Hand gloves from Hyderabad to all over India. Hand Gloves Dealers in India, Hand Gloves Suppliers in India, Hand Gloves Dealer in Hyderabad, Hand Gloves Suppliers in Hyderabad. We are highly engaged in offering enhanced quality of Safety Hand Gloves at affordable prices. Which is also called as Safety Gloves, Hand Gloves, Industrial Safety Gloves, Electrical Safety Hand Gloves, Safety Hand Gloves for Electrical Work and Industrial Safety Hand gloves etc. our offered hand gloves are manufactured by using outstanding quality raw material and advanced technology. Our hand gloves are available in different types such as Cotton Hand Gloves, Rubber Hand Gloves, PVC dotted hand gloves, Electrical Hand Gloves and Industrial PVC hand gloves. This Hand Gloves mainly used for protecting the workers from Dust, Heat, Electrical Shocks and different injuries. Our offered Safety Hand Gloves are perfect fitting, easy to use, excellent strength, heat resistance and chemical resistant etc. This Safety Hand gloves are mainly used at Industries, Chemical industry, Construction, Heavy duty work, Engineering, Government and Household etc.

Safety Helmets
Universal Enterprises – We are Leading Authorized Distributor, Dealer , Wholesaler, Supplier and Trader of Safety helmets in India, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad, Ongole.

Safety helmets Scope:
1. The safety helmet is a type of head protection predominantly used in workplace environments like construction projects, ship building, mining, tunneling, quarrying etc.
2. Industrial Safety Helmet is used to protect the head from injury due to falling objects like debris, particles and electric shock.
3. If you wear a safety helmet your chances of being seriously hurt are greatly reduced. Wearing one could save your life.4. It is an CE certified safety helmet.

1. Safety Helmet Shell from impact-resistant UV stabilized high density polyethylene.
2. Air ventilation ports providing greater comfort in warmer weather.
3. Wide area on the front of helmet for corporate logos or images
4. Incorporates a rain channel for greater comfort in poor weather.

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