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Universal Enterprises – We are the Leading Manufacturer, Dealer, Wholesaler, Supplier, and Trader of Electrical Safety Lockout Tagout, Electrical Safety LOTO, LOTO Devices for Electrical Panels, Lockout Tagout for Electrical Safety Panels in India, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad, And Ongole.

Electrical Safety Lockout Tagout Description

As we all know that in Big or small industries generally, accidents have happened by the startling start-up of equipment and machinery or by the unrestrained discharge of energy. These types of small and major accidents can be prohibited by appropriate Lockout / Tagout actions.

A lockout-tagout (LOTO) procedure is a safety system used to prevent accidental or unauthorized access to electrical power sources that are undergoing maintenance or other work. With this secured process, all individuals working on the same circuit or equipment have individual locks that they secure onto a disconnect device before working on the system.

Electrical Safety Lockout Items:

1. Lockout Tagout Station
Dimensions: L 14″ x W 6″ x H 16″
Lockout Tagout Station / Box / Centres / Cabinets

Lockout / Tagout Station with 2 adjustable shelves

Size – 14″ X 16″ X 6″

Transparent facia : 10″ X 12″

Compact powder coated Lock box suitable for wall fixing or use as

a mobile unit. Available with hooks / interior racks / movable shelves, transparent

window / clear fascia / fully closed door, Handle at the top to carry the box, One

knob and one lock with two keys on the door. Used for the Storage of Padlocks,

Keys and Lockout products.

2. Safety Lockout Padlock – Steel Shackle

• Durable, lightweight, and insulated material lock body
• Corrosion-resistant lock body, easy to be carried, no silicon, UV resistance
• With strong, durable, and zinc plated steel lock shackle, which has the excellent anti-rust ability, and can increase the hardness of the lock shackle, made of copper alloy material lock cylinder, can effectively eliminate the metal friction spark, key retaining feature: the key can be removed only if the padlock is in the locked position, specially design of the double slot key to meet the requirements of multi-level management: KD, KA or MK

3. Long Shackle Padlock
Weight: 147.5 gms
• Made of metallic body clipped with Injection molded De electric JACKETS of ABS material
• Specifically drafted instruction high-quality DANGER label (laminated) for each lock is provided
An individual lock is supplied with 3 identical keys (All keys can be punched with the same serial number as on lock if required)

Lock Dimensions
Long Shackle
Body Height: 37.2 mm
Body Width: 44 mm
Body Depth: 21.5 mm
Shackle Height: 52 mm
Shackle width: 20.6 mm
Shackle Thickness: 5.4 mm

• Material: Polyester Or Plastic
• Weight: 6.5gm
• Thickness: 0.4mm (± 10 %)
• Size: length 78mm X 142mm, Diameter of eyelet 7.6mm
• Application: It can be tied up with simple / numbered cable ties or directly tuck the padlock shackle inside the punched eyelid, and then write a message with the normal/rewritable permanent marker pen.
• Advantage:
a. Weather and tear proof, oil resistant.
b. Re – writeable and reusable.
c. Main utilization of the Tagout system is to communicate safety and lockout information like Danger, Caution, and Do not attempt to operate Or Out of service any switch, valve, or other energy isolating device bearing a padlock.
d. Customize tags hence we can make the design/application specific display an application-specific message in the preferred language like English, Hindi, etc.

5. Multi-purpose Cable Lockout Scissor Type

• Material: ABS + insulated Steel cable
• Accepts shackle maximum up to: 7.5 mm
• Locking holes: 6 numbers to provide group isolation
• Body measure : 20mm (L) x 12.9mm (B) x 28.2 / 47mm (H)
• Cable length: provided 2 meters. along with a device Or can be customized 5mtr, 10mtr, 20mtr, or more as per the demand.
• Cable thickness: 5mm
• Install by simply fixing the cable end through the device needs to be locked out
squeezing the device and tightening and adjusting the cable and placing a padlock and tag for
• Advantages:
a. All purpose highly durable, flexible, strong and corrosion resistant insulted
the lockout device is ideal to be used in a wet or cold climate.
b. It’s a very useful device as it can be used to lockout Electrical as well as mechanical
devices like oversized valves, switches, and connectors.

6. Multipurpose cable lockout

• Material : MS + chrome coating + covered by ABS & insulated steel cable.
• Accepts shackle maximum up to 8mm
• Locking holes: 6 numbers, Jaw size: 52mm, Complete length: 150mm
• Width : 57mm
• Locking arrangement: Carrying a total of six holes for group isolation.
• Cable length: provided 2mtr. along with a device Or can be customized 5mtr,
10mtr, 20mtr, or more as per the demand.
• Cable thickness: 5mm.
• Advantage: this device can be used to lockout a huge range of industrial plant equipment either electrical, mechanical and even forklift steering wheels, can be used alone as a lockout hasp or with the provision of a double-sided looped insulated cable it can be used as a cable lockout, upper cover made it electrically safe and the device is corrosion resistant.

7. TAGO Labelled Lockout Hasp

• Material: MS + fully powder coated body + Danger / caution label at front / back side for better identification.
• Accepts shackle maximum up to: 7.5mm
• Locking holes: 6 / 8 / 10 / 12 numbers
• Jaw size: 35/27mm
• Complete length: 184mm, Width: 77.7mm
• Weight: 191gm
• Thickness: 1mm
• Advantage:
– Additional authorized employees can also affix their respective padlocks in the device to fulfill group isolation necessities hence this device assist in the servicing operation, it allows the user to write their respective details in the provided captions, hence it doesn’t require attaching Tag along with the device.
• Hasp + Standard tag

8. Non – Conductive Hasp (6 hole)

Material: High-quality Polypropylene Copolymer (PPCP)
• Complete length: 175mm
• Jaw Size: 80mm / 33.6mm
• Locking holes: 6 numbers
• Accepts shackle maximum up to 8mm
• Weight: 25gm
• Shackle thickness: 4.5mm
• Advantage: Light weighted device, preferably used to lockout electrical devices, shockproof, highly durable, chemical resistant and break free.

9. Flexible LOTO Safety Hasp

Material: ABS
• Complete length: 149mm
• Jaw Size: 20mm
• Accepts shackle maximum up to 8mm
• Locking holes: 6 numbers
• Weight: 36gm
• Punched rivet is corrosion resistant.
• Advantage: Used to lockout electrical as well as mechanical devices while performing servicing, maintenance, or cleaning activities, flexible in nature hence can be used as a hasp as well as cable lockout along with the insulated cable.

10. Plug Power Cord Lockout – Small / Medium

• Material: ABS
• Accepts shackle maximum up to 9mm
• Locking holes: 3 / 4 numbers.
• Installation: At one time four authorized personnel can Lockout the particular device by using their padlocks (with color code) after their mutual concern they can remove their particular padlocks and insert the plug for further operation.
• Advantages:
a. Electrical Power Plug Chord Lockout removes the chance to put the plug accidentally back into the socket while working in maintenance and isolates the plug chords.
b. It can be used over high and low voltage plugs and is applicable on various chord diameters used to avoid electrical accidents.

11. 3 in 1 Cylinder Lockout
Product Code: PL 89
Material: Poly Propylene with the printed label of “DANGER” for identification
• Accepts shackle maximum up to 9mm
• Locking holes: 1 number.
• Weight: 112gm
• Body measure :
a. Outer diameter: above 87mm, lower 83mm,
b. Complete length with cover: 160 mm,
c. Can lockout equipment of size: 3.3” width x 6” Length.
d. Cover circular dia: 34.3mm
• Suitable for 0.8cm to 4.5cm valves.
• Device is super strong, insulating, anti-soluble, anti-fracture with wear resistance to cracking and abrasion.
• Ability to require multiple authorizations for the operation of a locked-out main gas cylinder knob and prevents unauthorized operation.
• Lockout devices are made from high-quality recycled materials and meet or exceed OSHA regulations.
• Durable construction is designed to withstand the rigors of an industrial environment.

12. Electric Panel handle Lockout

Material : ABS base + Steel / polypropylene strip
• Accepts shackle maximum up to 8mm
• Locking holes: 10 numbers on each side
• Base Size : 39.4mm / 57.7mm
• Metallic Strip Size : length 432mm X width 19.10mm
• Four holes of 2.2mm were provided to fix it up with a screw if required.
• Device is used to lockout all kinds of levers/handles connected to the electrical panel that is having no locking provision.
• For installation fix the sticky round yellow base (with high-quality 3M adhesive) rigidly then tighten the metallic/plastic strip accordingly to freeze the movement oif the operating lever/handle, & place the padlock and tag.

13. Gate Valve Lockout Device

Material: Polypropylene
• Ready for use in five different sizes.
• Locking holes: 2 / 3 numbers.
• Accepts shackle maximum up to: 8.5mm
• Advantage: It is designed to fit easily around the gate valve wheel, device is very safe, effective, and ideal for lockout the gate
valves, extremely rugged for superior impact and chemical resistance, it is long-lasting and easy to use, withstands temperatures
ranging from -40 °F to 212 °F

14. Miniature Circuit Breaker Lockout PIN IN / OUT / WIDE

Material: Nylon Plastic with metal pins
• Locking Holes: 01
• Accepts shackle up to: 7.4mm
Weight: 7 gms
• Size :
a. Closed full length: 42mm to 43.40mm
b. Pins pressed outward up to:

Pin-in Pin-out Pin-wide
Pins inside bent width Pins outward width Broad pins outward width
8 mm 7.8 mm 9 mm

• No tools are required for installation.
• Installation method: Press lower black part to expand front pins, fix the pins on side holes of Circuit Breaker, and release. Now place the padlock and tag for lockout.
• Corrosion-resistant metallic pins.
• Application: This lockout device can help to prevent un-intended energization of electrical energy sources. Suitable for Single / Double / three / four pole operating handle circuit breaker.

15. Universal Circuit Breaker Lockout

• Material : ABS + Metal screw
• Locking holes: 01
• Accepts shackle up to: 8.5mm
• Weight : 12 / 19 gm
• Nonfoldable screw: length 11.5mm, thickness 4.9mm
• Foldable screw: length 54mm, foldable length 30mm, thickness 3.7mm
• Size : Height 55.25mm, Width 18.33mm
• MCB operator locking curve 10.4 mm
• Universal Circuit Breaker Lockout is used to isolate the electrical energy to procure the electrical hazardous situation, applicable only when the energy source is in switched OFF position.
• Rust-resistant screws.
• Suitable to lockout single/double/three pole operating handle circuit breaker.
• Nose is used to fill the gap between the operating handle and fixed point in the OFF position for better grip and proper lockout.

16. Miniature Circuit Breaker Lockout (Curvature Shape)
Product Code: BR19
• Material : ABS + Metal screw
• Locking holes: 01
• Accepts shackle up to 8mm
• Weight: 6.5 gm
• Nonfoldable screw: length 11.4mm, thickness 4.9mm
• Size: Height 47mm, Width 9.6mm
• MCB operator locking curve 8 mm
• Circuit Breaker Lockout is used to isolate the electrical energy to procure the electrical hazardous situation, applicable only when the energy source is in switched OFF situation.
• Suitable to lockout single/double/three pole operating handle circuit breaker.

17. Circuit Breaker Lockout – Blue

• Material : ABS + Metal screw
• Locking Holes: 01
• Accepts shackle up to 8 / 9 mm
• Nonfoldable screw: length 19.4mm, thickness 3.8mm
• Foldable Screw: length 54mm, foldable length 30mm, thickness 3.7mm
• MCB operator locking curve 11.5 mm
• Used to isolate the MCB hence preventing accidental switching ON the device, can be installed only in switched OFF position.
• Rust-resistant screws.
• Suitable to lockout single/double/three/four pole operating handle circuit breaker

18. Circuit Breaker Lockout – Green

• Material : ABS + Metal screw
• Locking holes: 01
• Accepts shackle up to 8mm
• Nonfoldable screw: length 11.4mm, thickness 4.9mm
• Size: 42.5 mm (Height) and 10.06 mm (Width)
• The Lockout Safety Miniature Circuit Breaker Lockout has been designed to lock out the electrical energy sources, and circuit breakers and therefore prevent accidental switch ON.
• Front sharp edges in the device allow for lockout MCBs in which no gap is available on the lower side while operating like SIEMENS.

19. Large Handle Circuit Breaker Lockout

• Material: ABS + anti-corrosive screw for industrial and harsh application.
• Accepts shackle up to 9mm
• Full Length: 84.25mm (without back locking portion)
• Rectangular slot (teeth part) : 77mm X 20.6mm
• Rectangular part outward size: 93.5mm X 48mm
• Teeth: 13 number, thickness 3mm, edge to-edge gap 5.5mm
• Locking holes: Totally twelve holes at the upper round and should adjust and meet three holes at the lower so that three authorized persons can lockout the particular device at a time, then tagout the along with the device for recognition purposes.
• Large handle circuit breaker lockout device requires a tool with normal screw / No extra tool needed in foldable screw/round back hence it can be quickly and easily installed.
• Advantage: It’s specially designed to lockout a wide range of oversized three-phase circuit breakers, the available teeth in the device are used to grip the actuator piker so that it can not slip out after lockout.

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