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Ashirvad Pipes Cpvc, Upvc Pipes and SWR Pipes Fittings Authorized Distributor, Dealer & Supplier & SITC Supply Installation testing Commissioning in India Telangana Hyderabad Secunderabad & Andhra Pradesh

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Universal Enterprises have the experienced, technical supervisory staff, plumbers and inventory necessary to handle any project. We are committed to providing excellent workmanship and high quality services to every project we undertake. We also offer value engineering to our customers in an effort to provide viable alternatives in materials to lower project costs. We do all kinds of kitchen & bath room fittings, installations including modular bath rooms along with installation of showers and bath tubs, pipe fittings, tank installations and the complete water supply of buildings and plans accordingly.

Plumbing Contractor Service in Hyderabad / Plumbing System Solution Companies in Hyderabad, BEST PLUMBING CONTRACTOR IN HYDERABAD / BEST COMMERCIAL PLUMBING SERVICES IN HYDERABAD, We believe civil engineering is about people, site functionality at its best, long-term solutions, cost savings and meeting deadlines. Our architectural and building design capabilities cover a wide range of commercial office and High Rise Buildings.

Plumbing System Design:
Our plumbing department works very closely with our Fire Protection, Mechanical and Electrical Departments to ensure that all Design drawings are compliant with local and international codes. We are accustomed to coordinating everything associated with all disciplines to provide a complete MEP design package for any size Residential, Commercial or Industrial project requirements.

Plumbing System Installation:
The quality of our work and the knowledge & experience of our Plumbing team gives us the ability to meet any construction or schedule requirements for our customers. Our team has the experience and knowledge to correctly install any type of Plumbing System required, and we pride ourselves on the fact we keep up to date with the latest technology and information. We can also provide design/build services to meet any project requirements for our customers. All kinds of fittings, installations and repairs. Whether it is your bathroom, kitchen, drainage, water tanks or sewage system, we provide solutions to all your plumbing-related problems.

Plumbing Services and Contractor has been serving our clients to best quality of plumbing, Fire fighting work and Interior services with 100% satisfaction. Our fully expert Plumber in Hyderabad are well trained at all kinds of fittings, installations and repairs. Whether it is your bathroom, kitchen, drainage, water tanks or sewage system. Whether you’re Water Pipelines & SWR Pipelines, Wall Mounted Washbasin, Pedestal Washbasin, Sensor Washbasin, Floor Mounted Commode etc.

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  • Kitchen Refurbishment
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  • HDPE Pipe and fittings

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Ashirvad Cpvc Pipes Distributors, dealers & Plumbing contractors in India, Hyderabad ( Telangana ) and Andhra Pradesh
Universal Enterprisesis a leading Channel partner, Distributor, dealer & Plumbing contractor of CPVC, uPVC, SWR plumbing systems and is also the pioneer in project Execution.
Ashirvad Pipes & Fittings:
Products and Solutions:
As a pioneer in hot and cold plumbing systems, our portfolio features the widest range of PVC, UPVC, and CPVC pipes and fittings used across a variety of applications in different market segments. We provide scalable solutions for sewage regulation, equitable water distribution and preservation that can create conscious, sustainable change in communities and commerce. We specialize in designing modern sanitary and drainage solutions. We are also the top manufacturer of plumbing pipes for hot and cold water application in residential, commercial projects.
CPVC Ashirvad FlowGuard-Plus® Pipe
Revolutionary hot and cold water piping systems that have been setting benchmarks for quality and innovation since 1975. Choose the world’s largest selling CPVC pipes and fittings for your project today! Ashirvad Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) is a thermoplastic ideal for use in plumbing, sanitary, and potable hot and cold water applications. It’s heat-defying, anti-corrosion qualities make it suitable for all weather conditions across applications for residential and commercial plumbing systems across the world for more than 50 years.

CPVC Pipes and Fittings are made from the highest grade of Lubrizo.

CPVC pipes Models are:
SCH 40 Pipe, SCH 80 Pipe, SDR 11 pipe, SDR 13.5 Pipe

Fittings for CPVC pipes:
Agri Reducer Coupler, Agri End Cap, Male Adapter Plastic Threaded (MAPT), Female Adapter Plastic Threaded (FAPT), Agri Coupler, Tee, UGD Reducer Coupler, UPVC Reducing MAPT, UPVC Aqualife, Coupler, Union (SCH 80), UGD Reducing Tee, UPVC Cross Tee, UGD Long Swept Tee, Ball Valve Handle, UGD Long Swept Bend, UGD Reducing Y without Door, UGD Repair Coupler, UGD Coupler, UPVC Reducing FABT, UPVC Reducing MABT, Ball Valve – Union Type, UPVC Butterfly Valve, UPVC Plastic Clamp, UGD Single Tee, Powder-coated Metal Clamp, UGD Single Y, Plain Bend/ Elbow, Silent Plus SWR Repair Coupler, Reducing Tee, Reducing Tee With Door, Silent Plus SWR Single Tee, P-Trap With Leg, P-Trap Without Leg, Blue Seal ‘O’ Ring, Door Cap, SWR Threaded End Plug, Equal Bend 45 °, Equal “Y” With Door, Equal “Y”, Equal Tee With Door, Equal Tee, Equal Elbow With Door, Reducing Y With Door, SWR Coupler, Long Swept Bend With Door, SWR Long Swept Bend, Swept Tee Triple Socket, Long Swept Tee With Door, SWR Long Swept Tee, Right Side Door Tee, Right Side Single Y With Front Door, Left Side Single Y With Front Door, Single Y With Door, SWR Single Y, Single Tee, Reducing Y Without Door, Reducing Door Tee, UPVC SWR Reducing Tee, Reducer/ Eccentric Reducer, UPVC SWR Repair Coupler, Brass Tee MABT, Nail Clamp, CPVC Reducing FABT, Brass Union FABT, Brass Union MABT, CPVC Reducing MABT, CPVC Reducing MAPT, Kitchen Mixer Adapter, Male Adapter Brass Threaded, Female Adapter Brass Threaded, CPVC Butterfly Valve, 3 Way Elbow, Elbow Holder, Flange (End Cap open with rubber gasket), Brass Elbow – Long, 3 In 1 Mixer Top & Bottom, 3 In 1 Mixer Hot Up & Cold Down (6”), 3 In 1 Mixer Hot Up & Cold Down (7”), 3 In 1 Mixer Top & Side (6”), 3 In 1 Mixer Top & Side (7”), 3 In 1 Mixer All Top (6”), 3 In 1 Mixer All Top (7”), Brass Tee, Threaded End Plug, Expansion Loop, CPVC Plastic Clamp, SS Clamp, CPVC, Reducer Coupler, CPVC Reducer Tee, Tee Holder, Non-Return Valve, Hex Nipple, Tank Nipple (with one side pipe fitting), Converter Bushing, Step-Over Bend, Sweep Bend, Brass Elbow – MABT, Elbow 90, Elbow 45, Brass Elbow with Clamp, Reducer Elbow, Ball Valve: Handle, Ball Valve, CPVC Cross Tee, UGD End Cap, Tank Nipple, UPVC Coupler.

Ashirvad upvc Pipes Distributors, dealers & Plumbing contractors in India, Hyderabad ( Telangana ) and Andhra Pradesh
Universal Enterprises is a leading Channel partner, Distributor, dealer & Plumbing contractor of CPVC, uPVC, SWR plumbing systems and is also the pioneer in project Execution.
Ashirvad uPVC Aqualife Plumbing System
Ashirvad Aqualife Systems are ideal for cold water pipelines in individual homes, buildings, and residential complexes. Our lead-free uPVC pipes and uPVC fittings  possess a High Limiting Oxygen Index (LOI) of 45 and hence, do not support spontaneous combustion. Ashirvad uPVC pipes are self-extinguishing, light in weight, and cost-effective in installation and maintenance.
Why Ashirvad uPVC?
Ashirvad UPVC Plumbing Pipes and Fittings
Free from toxins, odors, and tastes
Ashirvad Aqualife pipes and fittings are non-toxic, odorless, and tasteless. Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (uPVC) are durable, hard to damage, and long-lasting. They do not rust, rot, or wear over a long period of time. Therefore, uPVC Aqualife solvent weld plumbing systems are a true Engineer’s delight and ideal for cold water plumbing applications. Self Alignment System for correct alignment of fittings with pipes during fitment. Fittings have an alignment mark which is to be matched with the blue stripe on the pipe during the fitment process. This is to ensure that in the concealed installations the water outlet fittings are perpendicular to the wall surface and to avoid any repair, breakage, etc, after the wall finishing has been completed. This system ensures a perpendicular and correct fit each time. Ashirvad Aqualife uPVC pipes and fittings are made with special lead free compound to ensure conformity to the latest requirements in the developed nations, the lead free compound is non-toxic and safe for drinking water purposes. Ashirvad Aqualife plumbing system has a pressure bearing capacity twice than that of the threaded pipe.
About Ashirvad
Ashirvad an Aliaxis group company, setup its Bengaluru unit in 1998 and is a wholly owned company of Aliaxis group. Aliaxis group is a global leading manufacturer and distributor of plastic fluid handling systems used in residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Aliaxis, headquartered in Brussels and is present over 45 countries with more than 100 manufacturing and commercial entities, employs over 16,000 people and generates more than 3 billion Euro ( ` 21, 600 crores approx) in annual sales.

Ashirvad has always been relentless in its commitment to quality and services. Ashirvad pipes is a leading manufacturer and supplier of CPVC, uPVC, SWR plumbing systems and also the pioneer in designing and manufacturing of uPVC column pipes, which are used in the erection of submersible borehole pumps. Today Ashirvad Pipes is the world’s largest manufacturer of uPVC column pipes and successfully exporting to 40+ countries.

The CPVC Hot and Cold plumbing system is manufactured in collaboration with Lubrizol, USA. Ashirvad is an ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 certified company with a constant endeavour towards achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction. Ashirvad, with a determination to be a one-stop-shop for Plumbing, Agriculture, Sanitary, High-rise and Fire Safety
solutions, has recently expanded its product range and successfully introduced Agri Pipe, Casing Pipe, BlazeMaster® Pipes & Fittings by Ashirvad.

uPVC COLUMN PIPES Design Patent Registered Only by Ashirvad
WORLD’SLARGEST SELLING uPVC COLUMN PIPES for Submersible Pumps Pioneer as well as the largest manufacturer of uPVC column pipes in the world 30 Lakhs successful installations globally since 1995 Patented WIRELOCK™ for pump safety BIAX™ Technology for extra pipe strength Successful and maintenance free – track record of over 20 + years Exporting to more than 40 countries across the globe National Award winning company

High joint strength and advance mechanical properties Light in weight, thus easy transportation and faster installation No rusting, weathering and chemical reactions No electrolytic deposition and no bacterial growth Non toxic materials, that also do not impact any color, odor or taste to the water Corrosion free, thus consumes less power and has a longer life

Patented WIRELOCKTM technology for extra pump safety No elongation & No deformation of pipes Since 1995, Successful maintenance free – track record of 20+ years

Pioneer of uPVC Column Pipes
High Tensile strength (50 N/mm2)
High Pressure bearing Capacity (15 kg/cm2)
BIAXTM technology for extra pipe strength
Power saver – high discharge of water
100% Leak proof joints &
maintenance free service record.

Lead Free – Agri pipes & fittings are free from lead & heavy metal.
High Dimensional Accuracy – We maintain minimal ovality at higher precision.
Crack Free Fittings – The chance of cracking through weld line is minimal.
Faster and easier installation and 100% leak proof joints
Joint pressure tested up to 4 Kg/cm2 in class 2 and 6 Kg/cm2 in class 3
Unparalleled strength and performance with high degree of dimensional accuracy, ensuring optimum quality Immune to chemical, electrolytic and galvanic action, these pipes are free from corrosion Pipes with smooth internal surface which provide better flow characteristics in comparison to AC, CI and GI pipes These pipes are free from weakness caused by scale formation, rusting, weathering and chemical action.

Technology composed of flame-resistant pipe engineered for ease of installation and dependability.
One-step joining system for reduced labour costs Eliminates the need for costly tools and equipment.
Proven resistance to corrosion in all environments.
Expert consultation regarding compliance with local, regional and national codes. Hands-on training and installation available to all installers.

Ideal for hot and cold water plumbing High withstanding capacity ranging from max 28.1 bar pressure at 23°C and max 8.79 bar at 82°C Widest range of pipes and fittings from 1/2” to 6”

Ashirvad CPVC FLOWGUARD®PLUS™ pipes and fittings are manufactured using NSF certified TempRite® 88619/88096 TAN 309/311 CPVC material from Lubrizol USA, inventors of CPVC technology. UV stabilised and designed for over 50 years life Regular testing of finished products in globally recognized testing laboratories in Europe and USA Tested, approved and used in India in the highest number of projects for over 10 years Ashirvad CPVC system is first to be ISI marked Ashirvad introduced the alignment system for the first time in India For cold water plumbing Available from 1/2” to 6” Lead free and Durable UV and fire resistant Cost effective Environmental friendly Solvent weld plumbing system Easy to install and Low maintenance Suitable for drinking water flow

Introduction of world class technology Yellow Seal™ for the first time in India Joint pressure tested up to 5 Kg/cm2 in Pushfit 100% leak proof joints Unparalleled strength and performance
High degree of dimensional accuracy ensuring optimum quality UV stabilized Faster and easier installation Widest range of fittings

Widest range of pipes and fittings from 1/2’’ to 2’’ Lead free and durable UV and fire resistant Solvent weld plumbing system Cost effective Environment friendly Easy to install and low maintenance 100% inspection of both incoming and outgoing material Design registered alignment system Recommended by UIPC-I

Silent SWR system: 13dB at 2 lps
Silent plus SWR system: 10dB at
2 lps
Triple layer PVC based sound
attenuating system
Special brackets to dampen
structural vibrations
For high rise, commercial and
residential spaces
Simple pushfit type jointing
Ease of assembly and dis-assembly
Suitable for horizontal as well as
vertical orientation
Available in 40 mm to 200 mm
Designed to International
Technology from Girpi, France
Tested to EN 14366

uPVC UNDERGROUND DRAINAGE SYSTEM Foam core technology with triple layer Solid wall fittings to International specifications Pushfit / Solfit Smooth finish and rodent resistant Complete range of pipes / fittings from 110 mm to 315 mm Speciality products / accessories such as mechanical connections, backflow preventer and manholes Low maintenance, leak and odour proof Aesthetic appeal and 100% recyclable Technology from REDI, Italy.

Inspection Chambers and Manholes Technology from Italy Couplings, Traps and Waste Pipe Technology from Spain Fire Collars Product from Malaysia Air Admittance and Release Valves
Product from Germany Non Return Valves Technology from Italy Balcony drains Product from Snow, Singapore Technology from Spain Air Admittance and Release Product from Malaysia Product from
Inspection Chambers and Couplings, Traps and Waste Pipe Italy Product from Snow, Singapore Italy Technology from Air Admittance and Release Valves Germany

Single stackn SWR system Technology from Netherlands Ball and Butterfly Valves Product from Italy CPVC and uPVC Concealed Valves Technology from Costa Rica

Grease and Solid Interceptors Product from Canada
CPVC and uPVC Solvent Cement Technology from Costa Rica
Pan Connectors Technology from UK
CPVC and uPVC Concealed Valves
Grease and Solid Interceptors Technology from UK
Product from Italy
CPVC and uPVC Concealed
Product from Canada Technology from
Ball and Butterfly Valves
Costa Rica
Costa Rica

Ashirvad PVC Pipes and SWR Pipes Fittings Authorized Distributor Dealer & Supplier in Telangana

Ashirvad PVC Pipes and SWR Pipes Fittings Authorized Distributor Dealer & Supplier in Hyderabad

Ashirvad PVC Pipes and SWR Pipes Fittings Authorized Distributor Dealer & Supplier in Secunderabad

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Ashirvad PVC Pipes Supplier Hyderabad

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Ashirvad PVC Pipes and SWR Pipes Fittings Authorized Distributor Dealer & Supplier in Andhra Pradesh

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