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Universal Enterprises –  We are Leading Authorized Distributor, Dealer, Wholesaler, Supplier and Trader of Mindrill pneumatic drilling equipment  In India, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Vizag, Amaravati, Nellore, Sri City, Tada, Ongole.

Mindrill has spent more than 50 years developing and manufacturing pneumatic drilling equipment and we are proud to earn the trust of our customers across the globe. We have a 100,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in India. Being leading manufacturers and exporters of drill rigs, jackhammers, underground rock drills, DTH hammers, drifters, demolition tools, drill bits, drilling tools, and accessories. Listed below is the wide range of pneumatic equipment which is the first choice of miners and construction engineers.



Rock Drills
Mindrill is one of the leading manufacturers, exporter, and supplier of pneumatic sinker rock drills tools and equipment with decades of expertise in manufacturing. Rockdrill is also called jackhammer. Our low-cost pneumatic jackhammers are the first choice of the mining industry across the globe. Designed for drilling through granite, hard-faced rock, quarry drilling, bench drilling, and drilling secondary holes for blasting. Key features of our rock drills include minimal spare parts usage, reliable operation under low air pressure, robust heavy-duty design, and user-friendly operation. Few rock drill models like MH505L, MH505HB, MH502A, MH502AFR and MH501L.

Paving Breakers
Mindrill has made a well-recognized name as a manufacturer and supplier of Pneumatic Paving Breakers at affordable cost. Our Paving Breakers are winners when used for light to medium construction, utility and plant maintenance, bridge deck jobs, light demolition of floors, pavements, road surfaces, and other surface jobs. The tuned valve system and reversible piston with lubrication grooves increase productivity and reduce downtime. It can be used with various shank sizes for different applications. These pneumatic breaker air tools (paving breaker) excel in tasks ranging from light to heavy-duty, including demolition, construction, remodeling, roadworks, bridge construction, and street maintenance. Within the Mindrill range, users can choose the most fitting Pneumatic Jack Hammer (concrete breaker) based on the specific task at hand. Recognized as the premier manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of top-tier Paving Breakers from India, our pneumatic breakers for sale are meticulously crafted to prioritize operator safety, deliver peak power, and ensure exceptional durability, ease of serviceability, all while maintaining an affordable price. PAVING BREAKERS Models are MPB1210, MPB1230

Pick Hammers
Mindrill Rock Pick Hammers are one of the most versatile pneumatic hammers, designed to be effective in a wide range of situations when dealing with soft/medium to hard materials from brick to concrete. Ergonomic vibration reduction handles allows a comfortable user experience. Mindrill is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of rock pick hammers at affordable prices. It also finds application in construction, rock breaking, heavy-duty chipping, and cutting, making it an ideal tool for demanding job sites.
PICK HAMMERS Models are MPH09. MPH09S, MPH33, MPH37

Pneumatic Drifters
Mindrill is one of the leading manufacturer, exporter and suppliers of Pneumatic Drifters which are majorly used for underground mining, surface mining, construction, and road-building operations, as well as drilling into foundations and walls. Compatible with a wide range of drill rigs. Pneumatic drifters are a type of rock drill that uses compressed air to power its drilling action. A pneumatic drifter is much more powerful than a manual rock drill and can drill through much more rigid materials. The compressed air is used to power a hammering mechanism that drives the drill bit, allowing for faster and more precise drilling. Pneumatic drifters are often used in tandem with other rock drills to increase efficiency and accuracy. Primarily employed in underground mines, grouting holes for surface mining and construction purposes, and also for drifting and tunneling. PNEUMATIC DRIFTERS Models are MPD90, MPD100, MPD120

Rock Drilling Spare Parts
Mindrill manufacture Rock Drill spare parts that offer you the best drilling experience and at affordable price. These RDT’s are available to fit a wide range of drilling machines. Suitable for drilling soft and medium and hard rock formations at a higher speed rate. ROCK DRILL SPARE PARTS are Shank Adapter, Coupling Sleeve, Taper Bit, Split Set, Moil & Chisel Point, MD100 DTH Bit.

We manufacture premium quality tools used for construction and demolition works. Pneumatic tools are very useful for the construction industry. Few pneumatic tools used for construction are Rock Drills, Paving Breakers, Pick Hammers, Rock Drilling tools like- Shank adapters, Coupling Sleeve, MD120 DTH Hammers, etc.

MINDRILL EQUIPMENT & TOOLS FOR CONSTRUCTION APPLICATION: MH505L, MH505HB, MH502A, MH502AFR, MH501L, MPB1210, MPB1230, MPH09, MDEMJ115, MPH09S, MD100 DTH Hammer, MD120 DTH Hammer, MGP45, Shank Adapter, Coupling Sleeve, Moil & Chisel Point, ML650, ML500, ML130, ML100

Surface Mining Tools
Some of the surface mining processes include open-pit, mountain top removal, or strip mining. Different mining locations demand their own unique sets of tools. The following tools will be found at many surface mining sites.

SURFACE MINING Equipment and Models are:

MH505L, MH505HB, MH502A, MH502AFR, MH501L, MDEMJ115, MD100 DTH Hammer, MD120 DTH Hammer, YODHA100 DTH, YODHA115 TH, YODHA200 DTH, YODHA215 TH. YODHA450 DTH, MD100 DTH Bit, Drill Tube, Shank Adapter, Coupling Sleeve, ML650, ML500, ML130, ML100

Underground Mining Tools 
Many of the minerals cannot be extracted by the use of surface mining methods and tools. The mining industry uses heavy-duty tools and equipment to complete the underground extraction process. The following tools will be found at many underground mining sites.

UNDERGROUND MINING Equipment and Models are:

MPH09, MPH09S, MPH33, MPH37, S215, S25, MJ250, MS250, MJ83, MPL250, MPD120, MHD100, MHD1838, SPIDER 250 TH, Shank Adapter, Coupling Sleeve, Split Set, Moil & Chisel Point, ML650, ML500, ML130, ML100

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